How long will my video be available online?


We will host your video online for at least 1 year.  You'll also get HD copies of your final video(s) mailed to you on a customized flash drive for you to keep forever or upload to your own server.

How do I book Crown Street Productions?


We'll send you a contract for you to review, sign and send back (via email or snail mail) along with a $1,000 retainer fee.  This will ensure that you've got us booked for your date.  The remainder of your balance will be due 3 weeks before your wedding.   

You've Got Questions.


We've got answers.  It's your big day, it's only right to ask some questions before you book!  Here is a sampling of our most frequently asked questions.

How long do I have to wait to see my video?


We limit ourselves to only shooting 10 weddings a year, because we put so much time and attention into editing our films, ensuring that our clients get to see the best and most meaningful shots in their finished film.  So we generally say that you'll see your final video(s) around 4 - 6 months from your wedding date.

What equipment will you bring to my wedding?


We pride ourselves on being as unobtrusive and nearly invisible as possible, so even though we bring quite a bit of gear, you won't notice it.  We film everything on 2 Canon C100 Cinema Cameras and we have 1 Canon 60D DSLR and 2 GoPro's for back up along with multiple Canon lenses on monopods. We capture sound on a very small lavalier microphone (for the ceremony) and an external zoom recorder that we connect to your venue's sound board. 

How do you approach filming my wedding?


We come from a documentary film background, so we like to capture things as they naturally happen like a fly on the wall. We don't use crazy lights, glide cams or flying drones and we don't give very much direction at all, unless you ask for a very specific shot or action.  We'll work with the photographer to make it happen.  We've been told by many clients that they hardly remember seeing us at their wedding when they see all of the footage that we were able to get.

I have a photographer already.  How do you work with other vendors?


We got our start working very closely with an established wedding photographer, so we know how to work really well with them.  In fact, we have many friends who are wedding industry professionals that often reccomend us to their own couples!

How do you choose the music for my video?


We're crazy about music! Choosing the right song is important in evoking beautiful emotions.  Before your big day, we take the time through talks and questionnaires to get to know you and you'll have the opportunity to tell us about your favorite music too.  After your big day, once we've seen you party hard, we'll send you our top three choices for your video, or you can leave it up to us.  We aim to please, we're pretty sure you'll be happy with what we pick!

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